• Studio

    Paradise Studio is owned by Johann Asmundsson, bassist and his family. The studio was completely renovated in 2012 and offers excellent facilities for recording. It is located in premises at Höfðabakka 9, where the “heart of the studio” is a British 40-channel Cadac F type mixer, in warm surroundings and excellent professionalism in all regards.


    We offer a professional studio, which can be rented with or without a technician. We also offer mixing and mastering. The studio is located on the ground floor with all necessities. A big recording room with high ceiling, vocal booth with windows into the recording and control room and we also have a medium sized isolated booth. The control room is spacious with a comfortable working surface. It also includes a cozy living room with kitchen facilities.
    Contact us via email johann@studioparadis.is or phone 8986370 (Johann) for prices and appointments. We can assist our clients with accommodation, flights etc.


    Recording equipmentI/O Microphones
    Pro Tools HD/ Logic Pro/Harrison Mixbus AKG D112
    Apogee Symphony I/O 18 in/16 out AKG 170 Perception
    Cadac F-type Mixer 16 pre´s/16 in analog summing AKG 414 Matched Pair
    Apple G5 Computer Shure KSM 32
    Dangerous D-box analog summing hearback Shure sm57 x 2
    Avid Artist mix 8 channel fader Shure Beta57
    Shure SM7
    Speakers EV Re320
    Yamaha NS10 speakers EV 4088 x 3
    Protime custom active monitors ´10 Oktava MK012 Matched Pair 3 capsule
    Art coustic PA300 Poweramp Sennheiser 421
    Crown Poweramp Nuemann U87
    Krk Rokit subwoofer ´12 Cad M9 Tube
    Protime Custom Subkick
    Amplifiers and processing XLR-JACKS-MIC STANDS
    Cadac F-type mixer
    Universal Audio LA-610 MK2 Instruments
    dbx 386 Dual Vacuum Tube preamp w/digital out Yamaha Recording Custom Birch 8-
    dbx minipre vacuum tube x 2 10-12-13-15-22 and 14 snare
    TLA Audio Ivory series valve processor Yamaha Oak Custom 10-12-14-22
    BSS audio Active Di-box Outboard Fender bassman Am
    dix 160X compressor limiter
    Yamaha SPX90 reverb processor
    If you require a specific instrument / gadgets we can provide / rent it for you
    Sennheiser HD202 x 4
    Sennheiser HD25 x 2
    Sony mdr v 200